Latham Roofing can provide a full-range of roofing for commercial and residential services. Our professional service helps owners decide on type of products, color enhancements, and keeps their budget in mind.

Chimney Caps - Protect your home by ordering a custom chimney cap to keep the rain and animals out.

New Roof

Guttering - Whether you need 5" or 6" seamless aluminum guttering, we can divert the water to where it needs to go. Protect your delicate flower and shrubs. Stop the water from dripping on your auto every time you come and go.

Painting - We have a great crew to take care of the large or small jobs.

Wood repair - Let us replace that rotted soffit or fascia board. We know they can be a continuous maintenance problem.

Insurance Claims Information

We are happy to work with you on your insurance claim.

If you suspect any type of weather damage:

Call your insurance company and make an appointment with an adjustor. The adjustor will come out and evaluate exterior and interior damages. Compare the adjustment to our estimate. Don't be alarmed if you are confused, we will help you decipher the documents. If there are any differences, they should be settled at this time.

Once you have filed a claim, you have the right to have your claim processed and paid promptly. Generally, your insurance company must approve or deny your claim within 36 days after the company receives notice of your claim (plus the time you take to provide requested information) unless the company notifies you that more time is needed and tells you why.

This additional period of time cannot exceed 45 days. If your claims results from a weather-related catastrophe or other major natural disaster as defined by the Texas Department of Insurance, your insurance may take 45 more days to approve or deny your claim.

The insurance company must tell you in writing why your claim or part of your claim was rejected. If your claim is approved, your insurance company must pay the claim within 5 business days (and additional 15 days may be taken if weather-related) after they notify you they have accepted your claim.